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*Comprehensive list of how a virtual assistant CAN help your business

Admin/Management;  Graphic DesignTechSocial MediaResearchMarketingBookkeeping

  1. Customer service through email, chat, or phone

  2. Monitoring and responding to emails

  3. Organising email inboxes

  4. Managing blog comments

  5. Managing social media comments

  6. Live webinar assistance

  7. Calendar maintenance

  8. Data entry

  9. Creating PowerPoint presentations

  10. Appointment setting

  11. Order fulfilment

  12. Ordering supplies

  13. Ordering, packaging, and sending gifts to clients

  14. Writing job listings

  15. Arranging interviews

  16. Answering phone calls

  17. Re-purposing content (Example: turn a video into a written blog post or a blog post into a social media post)

  18. Managing blog editorial calendars

  19. Client onboarding tasks like responding to emails and sending invoices and contracts

  20. Following up with leads/clients

  21. Guest post-screening

  22. Making travel arrangements

  23. Form preparation

  24. Packaging and shipping products and gifts

  25. Creating resumes

  26. Monitoring YouTube content

  27. Uploading YouTube videos

  28. Managing online communities

  29. Optimising blog posts with images, linking to other blog posts, and adding CTAs (Call to Actions)

  30. Project management

  31. Event planning and management

  32. Giveaway management

  33. Organising cloud files

  34. Organising G-Drive files

  35. Hiring and training new team members

  36. Personal shopping

  37. Brainstorming ideas for blog posts, products, etc.

Graphic Design
  1. Creating graphics for blog posts

  2. Photo editing

  3. Creating slides for webinars or workshops

  4. Designing business cards, flyers, logos, menus, signage, etc.

  5. Sourcing photos for blog posts, books, social media, etc.

  6. Creating social media graphics.

  7. Organise photography for websites and promotional materials

  8. Branding services

  9. Creating brand style guides

  10. Designing ebooks

  11. Designing print for people to sell or promote their businesses

  1. Formatting blog posts

  2. Updating websites and plugins

  3. Website security and backups

  4. Website SEO

  5. Video editing

  6. Podcast editing

  7. Webinar setup

  8. Analytics reporting (Google Analytics, email, social media, etc)

  9. Setting up goals in Google Analytics

  10. Setting up or migrating email lists to a new email service provider

  11. Setting up newsletter opt-in forms and sequences

  12. Setting up secure websites (https)

  13. Database creation and management

  14. Podcast submission

  15. Web design/maintenance

  16. Creating surveys and online forms

  17. Troubleshooting, IT support

  18. Creating landing pages 
  19. Streamlining and automating systems

  20. Creating digital magazines

  21. File conversion

  22. Setting up spreadsheets

  23. Tracking and fixing broken links 

  24. Ecourse creation

  25. Setting up membership sites

  26. Ad management

  27. Formatting ebooks

  28. Creating online quizzes

  29. Managing eCommerce sites

  30. Managing customer databases

Social Media
  1. Scheduling social media updates

  2. Designing social media graphics

  3. Creating and managing Pinterest accounts

  4. Creating and managing Promoted Pins

  5. Scheduling pins via Tailwind

  6. Creating and managing Facebook accounts

  7. Creating Facebook ads

  8. Managing Facebook groups

  9. Setting up and managing LinkedIn accounts

  10. Setting up and managing LinkedIn groups

  11. Creating social media polls

  12. Creating and managing Instagram posts

  13. Responding to social media messages

  1. Researching speaking opportunities

  2. Researching guest post opportunities

  3. Researching and applying for affiliate programs

  4. Researching programs and resources

  5. Travel research

  6. Event research

  7. Keyword research for Etsy, Pinterest, Google, etc.

  8. Vendor/printer research

  9. Product research

  10. Market research

  11. Software and program research

  12. Researching and condensing information

  13. Hashtag research

  14. Sponsorship research

  15. Researching and summarizing industry news

  16. Education research

  17. Researching LinkedIn groups

  18. Product price comparison

  19. Licensing research

  20. Patent research

  21. Researching publishers

  22. Running promotions

  23. Competition research

  24. Creating SWOT analysis

  25. Researching podcast guests

  26. Software research

  1. Pitching brands

  2. Setting up sales funnels

  3. Lead generation

  4. Creating press releases

  5. Marketing strategy

  6. Blog post promotion

  7. Ebook, course, and membership promotion

  8. Ad management

  9. Promoting live events

  10. Product launches

  1. Bookkeeping

  2. Managing payments and invoicing

  3. Processing orders and refunds

  4. Making collections calls

  5. Handling payroll

  6. Billing and invoices

*Please note I do not supply all the services below, however I am happy to help you find that person via my Virtual Assistant and business networks.