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rach your tech savvy va - 27 April 2021

How hiring a virtual assistant (VA) can save you money

The concept of the Virtual Assistant (VA) is a relatively new one in Ireland.  The Virtual Assistant has been growing in popularity and success in the United States over the past few decades and is now becoming more popular in Ireland, the UK and Europe. 

So “what is a Virtual Assistant?” I hear you ask.  A Virtual Assistant is a personal assistant, social media content creator, events manager and administrative support all rolled into one.  Virtual Assistants are usually self-employed or hired through an agency, and work remotely, using a variety of platforms to communicate, share documents and schedule appointments. 

The business support function of every business has gone through a period of change lately, with remote working and internationally distributed teams becoming the norm, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.  It makes sense to evaluate how your business can be supported efficiently and effectively and a Virtual Assistant is something you should consider.

The financial benefits and savings of hiring a Virtual Assistant are certainly attractive. 
Here is a list of just some of the cost savings:

No Cost of Employing Staff

As a Virtual Assistant is hired on a self-employed or contract bases, you do not need to pay the usual fees like PRSI for hiring the service.

No Cost of Office Space or Equipment

A Virtual Assistant will be working remotely or from home usually, as a self-employed individual, so there is no need to provide a work premises or equipment such as laptops, printers etc.

No Sick Pay or Paid Down Time

As your Virtual Assistant is self-employed you are not obliged to pay sick pay or other payments such as maternity benefit.  As a VA will usually charge by the hour, and provide a breakdown of time worked, you only pay for the time actively worked.  With a full-time member of staff, you will pay their weekly wage regardless of how busy they were.

Training costs

As you are most likely hiring a Virtual Assistant for certain projects or tasks, they already have experience in, training needs and costs are significantly reduced.  A Virtual Assistant will usually arrange their own training for the services they wish to offer. 

Increase productivity

An experienced Virtual Assistant will most likely have an impressive background in a variety of industries and roles and excelled in their field due to working efficiently and effectively.  A Virtual Assistant can help you to identify cost effective improvements for your business, that will go on to save you money far into the future.

High knowledge base

As previously mentioned, an experienced Virtual Assistant will have an impressive background in a variety of industries and roles.  A Virtual Assistant will invest in training and upskilling to facilitate their business and will be tech savvy, which will in turn benefit your business. The calibre of an experienced VA in terms of experience and up to date knowledge will be higher than hiring the equivalent full-time member of staff.

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